Bewley’s unveils rebrand to appeal to younger audience

Bewley’s tea and coffee has unveiled a new look on the shelves, aimed at refreshing the brand to capture a younger demographic.

The redesign takes cues from the brand’s legendary stories, from being the first company to bring tea into Ireland in the 1800s, to hosting a world of Irish talent at its Grafton Street Café in Dublin including James Joyce, U2 and WB Yeats. 

The company also became the first official coffee partner at Electric Picnic. 

The new packaging was created by London agency Pearlfisher, who revolutionised the previously black and dark grey branding that was felt to be recessive and not synonymous with its craft by celebrating a rich tapestry of untold stories.

With the new look injecting consistency and vibrancy into its portfolio, Bewley’s said it allows the brand to remain ahead of the curve in the ever-changing landscape of the coffee industry.

“Bewley’s has repositioned its brand to help galvanise its role in contemporary culture and coffee leadership, to ensure relevance and appeal to a younger and more socially mobile consumer,” said Bewley’s Ireland Marketing Director Catherine Casserly.

“We have reawakened a latent affection for Bewley’s with both current and new consumers by celebrating Bewley’s history in a modern and contemporary way. This is now brought to life in our new visual identity.”

A modular grid system was created, with graphic shapes, and textures weaving together to create a tapestry on each recyclable pack. 

While the master brand colour palette is proudly white and black, vibrant colours are used for Bewley’s Kenya coffee, for example, bringing to life the culture and geography of the region. 

Bewley’s has also become the first major Irish coffee brand to partner with Café Femenino, championing an initiative which has sparked a rise in women’s incomes and protection in previously male-dominated and impoverished communities.

Appearing on the shelves of multiples this month, Café Femenino is a unique, ethical sourcing co-operative committed to ending the cycle of poverty affecting women coffee farmers across the world.

It provides direct compensation to women farmers, along with the opportunity and resources to enact positive change in their communities and on their own terms. 

Bewley’s has sourced its premium Café Femenino coffee from the women of the Cecanor co-operative in Northern Peru, who are the originators of the concept.

And 50 cent from every bag of Bewley’s Café Femenino coffee will go directly to a foundation which provides grants to projects requested by the women coffee farmers to enhance their families’ lives and communities.

Bewley’s recently won the All-Ireland Marketing Entertainment Sponsorship award for their partnership with Live Nation in becoming the first official coffee partner at two of Ireland’s most celebrated festivals – Electric Picnic and Kaleidoscope. 

With an ambition to transform the coffee experience at festivals, Bewley’s has created award-winning bespoke activation Bewley’s Bodegas at the festivals, serving coffee and coffee-inspired cocktails. 

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