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Media relations

At MediaConsult, we understand news, the news industry and news cycles. We use this knowledge effectively on behalf of our range of clients to create and manage effective campaigns across a range of media outlets and platforms.

Distilling your message

Every business or organisation has a key message. However, it can often get lost in a forest of aims and mission statements. We distill the key lines that will connect you with your target audience – be it your staff, your client base or the general public.

Social Media Training

We operate a successful social media training arm aimed at conveying your message to an ever-growing audience in a cost-effective manner. We work with a number of media organisations on an ongoing basis and formulate and implement successful social media policies on their behalf.

Our partners

At MediaConsult, we work with a great team of partners to ensure that our clients get the most cost-effective advertising, photography and graphic design services. We consider our associates to be the best in their fields. You can read about them here.

Training services

We operate training services in the areas of layout and design (to Masters Degree level), online publishing, interview techniques, presenting skills, and customer and client relationships.