Spend less and better: 10 ways to save money in January

Pricewatch: There’s quite a stretch until the next pay day, so here’s a few cost-cutting tips

Assuming you were last paid a couple of days before Christmas and won’t get paid again until the end of the month, the gap between the final pay cheque of 2021 and the first one of 2022 could be 40 days.

As if a gap of almost six weeks between pay-days wasn’t bad enough, Christmas will have come at quite the cost for many people with presents and all the food and booze bought and consumed over what was the season to be jolly.

But rather than holding our head in our hands and shrieking about how hopeless it all is like some latter day Maude Flanders, we thought we would be positive and look at how to cut costs and save over the days and weeks ahead. And there are plenty of ways…

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