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Moorehall Lodge Drogheda has been awarded the status of a level one Butterfly Dementia Care Centre thanks to their unique work in the field of dementia care.

The award, made by Dementia Care Matters, puts Moorehall Lodge Drogheda in the top five per cent of nursing homes in Ireland and the UK, along with Moorehall Lodge Ardee.

Dementia Care Matters have been working with Moorehall Lodge Drogheda over the past few years to develop the highest standards of care available in Ireland, tailored to the specific needs of individuals living with dementia and their families.

This specialist dementia care extends through the Moorehall Living range of services at Drogheda, Ardee and Homecare.

Members of the staff of Mellifont Household in Moorehall Lodge Drogheda were thrilled to accept the award from Samantha Crawley, National Director UK and Ireland for Dementia Care Matters.

“This is the culmination of a long journey over a number of years, involving staff residents and families, and the forging of an incredible and natural team,” said Caroline Day, Director of Care at Moorehall Lodge Drogheda.

“Our approach is to live in the moment – capturing the essence of that moment using visual triggers to stimulate recollections and to make emotional connections for that person.

“Our households have a wonderful love and warmth and we create an atmosphere that feels very much like a family or a community of people sharing the day together.”

“Each day our teams use the Butterfly Approach developed with Dementia Care Matters to improve the quality of life for people who live with us.

“Being natural in dementia care involves flitting between people, being still if needed, connecting, creating colour in a flurry of activity, ultimately changing that moment for somebody and improving the quality of their lives – just like a butterfly.

“For example, today our maintenance person Sean brought his dog in and one of the residents, who loves dogs, took care of it all day. That is a perfect example of creating moments naturally and going with the flow.”

Moorehall Living CEO Sean McCoy congratulated the team at Moorehall Lodge Drogheda for adopting the Butterfly Approach and achieving centre of excellence status.

“We are very proud of how our staff have stepped up to the challenge to adopt this unique approach to dementia care,” he said.

“We have been on this journey for a couple of years and feel that we offer a unique model of care for people with dementia in Moorehall Lodge Drogheda and Moorehall Lodge Ardee.”